Whats good my gorgeous people? Hope you are all doing great.

So the topic for today is…Deep Conditioning. I will be covering why, what, when, where, how…not really. I really want to give you the skinny on deep conditioning from my experience…so here we go.

Do you have to deep condition all the time?

Short answer is NO!!

Stop being scammed by the hair care industry into buy expensive deep conditioners…..stop it I beg of you….no really stop it. Trust me they almost had me fooled too.

So why do I say that you shouldn’t deep condition all the time?

you might be wondering, every black or afro hair website or vlog is telling you that you must deep condition all the time on your natural hair, why is she saying I shouldn’t?

  1. You don’t need it
  2. You will rinse all your money down the drain
  3. Most deep conditioners don’t penetrate the hair cuticles anyway
  4. So again you will rinse all your money down the drain

By now you must be thinking this girl is cynical… if i stop deep conditioning my hair will be dry…..erm no it wont provided you cleanse and moisturise the right way with the gifts God and nature have provided for us.

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I used to subscribe to the deep condition lifestyle every week garbage till one day I had not time, went without the DC and then I tried it again and again and my results kept getting better.

So what should you do?

Disclaimer: Let me just tell you if you are still using chemicals to wash you hair then you need that deep conditioner OOOOO, please don’t wash your hair with chemicals and not DC and then come back and tell me that your hair is breaking….I will not hear oh…..

Ok rant over, what you should do is:

  1. Always use warm to hot water to rinse, detangle, cleanse, rinse (I use 42 to 45 centigrade). This is because most naturals have low porosity hair which is perfectly normal. In order to open up the cuticle you need heat.
  2. Always, ALWAYS use a moisturising chemical free cleanser (clay mask and black soap shampoo are my faves). These will clean your scalp without striping   your natural oils and drying out your hair.
  3. While your hair is still wet, always apply a penetrating oil to your hair. As it dries then apply a butter to the ends of your hair.

If you do this right, your hair will love you for it.

Why does this work?

If you are just transitioning to chemical free, I urge you to use black soap shampoo to really strip your scalp and hair of build up, toxins and bad oils. Then follow up with a clay mask which will further eliminate toxins and chemicals from scalp and hair and remember always use warm to hot water to rinse.

After this, you can use just a clay mask or black soap shampoo every week or so. Personally I use clay masks more because I don’t need to completely strip my hair unless I go swimming.

This works because:

  1. HCN Black Soap Shampoo does not have harsh chemicals that will dry out your hair, it will only take away the bad stuff.
  2. HCN DIY Clay mask while being an amazing cleanser is also super moisturising.
  3. In either product, you have a cleanser that doesnt strip your hair of what it already has and adds something back into it as well.
  4. Following either or both of these with the HCN Herbal Oil and Hair Cream ensures that throughout the week, the moisture you put in is staying in.
  5. If you go longer than a week, and your feel your hair needs some moisture, just add some water and you’ll see that the hair you thought was dry is really not.

NOTE: I do not recommend that you go more than 10 days without cleansing.

So stop wasting your money and get your hair care from nature.

That will promote healthy hair.

Remember nature made it because nature care

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