Still on the theme of natural hair care for black afro hair, I would like to share with you today how I have managed to keep my afro hair from falling off since I started a new job in July.

I started off washing my hair every week but this left me with absolutely no time to do anything else really over the weekend. I had a really long regimen. So I finally decided I would wash my hair every 2 weeks. That did not work out as well as I thought it would. I had a lot of dandruff and I don’t get dandruff.

So, how do I keep my hair looking FABULOUS and still have time for other activities.

Introducing the 3 Step Weekly Regimen:


  • Twist hair into 6 sections (more or less…more is best)
  • Jump into the shower (you can section under running water if you like)
  • Detangle in the shower (drastic reduction of detangling time no matter the style you rocked the week before)

Cleanse and Condition

  • Apply Clay Mask (If I have the time I leave it on for 20 mins to an hour otherwise, massage and wash that Clay Mask Right out.
  • Hair Feels super soft and the curls…. oooo don’t hate, rate!
  • Shower to get all the clay off your skin
  • My hair at this point usually ends up in 2 or 4 but that doesnt matter the more sections you have the easier the rest of the regimen
  • Get out of the shower


  • Apply Hair Care by Nature Fragrance Free Hair Cream to damp hair (made exclusively for you and your unique hair)
  • Twist each section you have and c’est fini!
Just out of the shower, check out my curls…..Twist OUT!!!


Curls popping!

Don’t think it will work well don’t knock it before you try it!

Note: If you do any exercise that makes you sweat during the week, you should use Hair Care by Nature DIY Black Soap Shampoo to get that dirt out otherwise your hair and scalp won’t be clean….trust me it happened to me but thats a story for another time

Remember Nature Made it so you can enjoy it

Remain Blessed, xxx

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