I love honey, I love honey and did I mention I love honey.

Cuz I really love honey. Honey is great for the body it is great for the hair, it is great for the scalp and the skin. I love it.

BUT, we have a problem, how do we get our hands on the good honey when we go to the grocery store and all we see there are rows and rows of different types of honey. How do you know what you are getting is full of all the nutrients that will make you healthy, make your skin healthy and make your hair healthy?

Well, I am here to tell you.

Pure honey is everything, it hasn’t been pasteurised with heat and honestly you might actually see the honey combs still in there. And it tastes absolutely delightful. I have been looking for somewhere to get affordable honey that is pure then I figured I might as well look for a beekeeper in England and get it from them. Local honey tends to be the best for a few reasons:

  1. Local honey when consumed internally will help prevent hay fever because where do you thing bees get the nectar to make our delicious honey well thats right, the flowers around you. So by consuming the honey you will be immunising yourself against hay fever. Awesome right….heres another reason:
  2. Local honey possess all the nutrients because its less likely to be pasteurised.
  3. Lastly, local honey is not going to break the bank!!!! Hurray!!!!!!

So where can you get this delicious honey you ask?

Visit this website or this website to find out more.

Thats all for now. Remember Nature Made it so you can enjoy it

Remain Blessed, xxx

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