So this is probably long long over due but I am writing it now okay…

I have been searching high and low for a comprehensive guide or regimen for swimming and I haven’t found anything that works for the regular swimmer. This is why I am writing this post, swimming is great especially during hot summer days, before you say it yes, I do know I live in the UK where summer lasts like 3 days and then its back to rain, cold and cloud; which is why this is way over due. But swimming is also great as a family activity, exercise or even relaxation after a long day.

This post is for those of you who want to swim but you don’t want to sacrifice your hair do. You cant keep your hair dry but that is probably the only down side. If you are thinking about swimming frequently, make sure that you are not planning to wear braids or have any complicated style.

I recently started swimming again and I have discovered that the trick to maintaining your hair and swimming is really not that hard.

I made mini twists 2 weeks ago when I started swimming and as I am sure you can imagine, the after care was super simple no combing no detangling nada.

Now I took my twists out last week and I was dreading the process of washing my hair after swimming. I really didn’t have to.

Which leads to what I really want to talk about….the GOLDEN RULES OF SWIMMING! These rules can work on all types of hair to prevent chemical damage from the chlorine.

  1. If you hair isn’t in twists of cornrows, this is your first step, they don’t need to be small just twists…flat twists are best.
  2. Wet your hair and then apply oil all over your hair and on your edges
  3. WEAR A SWIM CAP….not one of the generic ones but one of the thicker ones. They wont roll and break your hair. If you have a lot of hair you might not want to cover your ears, wear the swim cap with your ears out. Water will get in but it wont be nearly as much as if you didn’t wear a cap. Trust me been there done that.
  4. Jump into the pool and swim around….Have Fun!!!!
  5. When you are done swimming, under the shower, slide off your swim cap….because of the oil that you had put on your hair, it will be super easy to slide it off without it pulling.
  6. Wash your hair with a good moisturising shampoo. HCN DIY Black Soap Shampoo is great. Make sure you really wash your scalp and hair.
  7. Apply your herbal oil or just a penetrating oil to each section and scalp and go and sit in the Steam Room or under a steamer for 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on how big your twists are you can even do it while you are sitting in the steam room. This is probably the single most important step. (If you want to use a deep conditioner feel free but it is not essential.)
  8. Rinse your hair if you used a DC but if not just go and style your hair. I have tried rinsing with cold water when I have used just oil and I suppose it would be best for people with high porosity hair but for me I prefer to style immediately, my hair feels so much softer when I don’t rinse with cold water.

I~ did this yesterday and because I didn’t detangle my hair after I took out my twists my hair was still clumped together but not tangled (just so you know). It will work for all hair.

So thats it…..its not complicated and it honestly doesn’t take too long. 5 minutes pre-swim, 30 min post-swim (includes steaming) minus styling.

If you don’t take anything else out of this, the one thing you need to do if you are planning to swim 1ce a week or more, is make sure you either have a steamer or you are swimming in a place that has a steam room. 

Obviously, you can still swim without a steam room or steamer but it is so much better with.

PS. I just found out about a swim cap for afro hair… swimma cap…..I will be looking for it and trying it out… fingers crossed….maybe this post will become obsolete…YAY!!!!!!! But incase you can’t find it or it’ll cost too much you have a cheaper way…YAY!!!!

Remember, nature made it so you can enjoy it.

Remain Blessed xx

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