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Today we are going to discuss working out/exercising and hair care. I know this is a big one for all of us, especially me. Here are three things I have noticed:

  1. we want to work out and keep fit or loose weight
  2. we want our hair to look good all the time without touching it everyday
  3. we want our hair to smell good too.

Okay so pretty much everyone wants these things, whether you are tall, short, fat, skinny, most people want to keep fit but don’t want to jeopardise their hair do.

Well you can do it all!!!!

Now there is this misconception that your must seat buckets in order to keep fit but this isn’t true there are many exercises that are just as effective as running or weight lifting that put way less stress on your body, such as pilates or yoga.

I know what you are thinking, how is stretching going to make me fit or help me loose weight. Well someone of the fittest people in the world swear by yoga and pilates, now I am no expert but I have done both and they left my muscles sore and gave me better posture.

Okay back to the issue at hand. Working out and hair care!

Whatever workout you choose to do here are a few tips to refresh your hair style:

  1. give your hair a rinse 10 to 20 minutes after working out, this will remove the sweat from your scalp so it doesn’t stick on there and create build up or clog your pores.
  2. massage your scalp after working out this will further promote blood circulation.
  3. grab some of your hair cream and apply to your hair, style as usual.

You do not need to comb your hair the goal is not to manipulate your hair. If your hair is in a pony tail then rinse your hair in the pony tail apply your cream while in the pony tail and brush your edges or put a scarf over it to flatten it. I usually wear my hair in a puff so i take off the band rinse my hair, put cream on my hair, massage and put the band back.

If you are wearing braids or a weave/sew in, this might prove significantly harder as there is extra hair to contend with. So instead grab a damp cloth and a bowl of warm water and dab your scalp with it, dip in the bowl or water, squeeze and repeat till you have gotten to most of your scalp. Follow steps 2 and 3.

This will keep your scalp mostly free of sweat build up and prevent your hair from smelling stale or damp.

I hope this helps you keep your scalp fresh till your next wash, which should be once a week anyway.

Remember Nature Made it so you can enjoy it

Remain Blessed xxx

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